Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Just some things to know.....

Just some random things that you may find interesting or uninteresting about me. This is an ongoing process and I will just keep adding to this list in the future. Dont look for any other posts.. this list will just get longer! :)

1. My favorite color of clothing is black.
2. My favorite color of everything else is Red.
3. I dont have one best friend. I have a select few that I would consider my closest friends.
4. I have a thyroid condition called Hashimotos Disease (you can click on it to find out more).
5. I dont like having any disease although Im happy it's not life threatening.
6. Im a fanatic about animals.. mainly dogs & cats.
7. I dont like to kill ants, bugs, spiders.. anything. I prefer to sweep them out the door if I dont like looking at them indoors.
8. Im extremely independant.
9. Im very patient with people.. esp people I dont know very well (BTW..this is a learned trait)
10. I like meeting new people and make friends very easily.
11. I was married once and not sure I would do it again.
12. I dont have kids and would be ok if I don't have my own children someday.
13. I dont believe in love at first sight.
14. I dont believe in Ghosts because Ive never seen one.
15. I loved watching Roger Federer play tennis last night to win the US Open! YUMMY!
16. With that being said, I dont have crushes on Hollywood actors or sports stars or anyone else.
17. I believe I might be single for the remainder of my life.. is that bad?
18. Im horseshit with money...hence the dreaded Budget!
19. I like drinking beer with my friends, if you havent already gathered that from my other blog.
20. I have really enjoyed putting together these blogs!
21. I like to sleep and can sleep anytime of the day.
22. I also like getting at least 8 hours of sleep a night
23. I have forced myself to like some food(s) I thought were disgusting before: Yogurt, diet soda, fish and lobster. Now they are some of my favorites!
24. I believe I can do anything I want to do if I have the motivation and determination to do it.
25. I have become a HUGE reader in the past couple years and I actually enjoy it.
26. Im a tv junkie in the fall and winter (prime time lineups.. on regular tv of course).
27. I havent been shopping for myself in probably 4-5 months. (garage sales dont count)
28. I dont like shopping.
29. I joined Facebook and I said I never would! It's a great networking tool and have reconnected with a ton of high school friends.
30. I hate waking up in the mornings when it's dark out! :(

31.) If I could only eat one thing for the rest of my life, it would be bread & butter!
32). My favorite food besides bread & butter is Pizza.
33). My favorite between breakfast, lunch and dinner is hands down, breakfast food.
33). I like to cook for other people, but not just for myself.. so I dont cook that often.
34). I like to celebrate birthdays.. mine and my friends. Its the only day that is special for just oneself.
35). I love going to movies and watching movies at home! It's like living in a fantasy world (or not) for a couple hours.